New Best Friend

You Are Here ’22

You Are Here
2020 Identity

2020 is a year that’s delivered blow after blow. From bushfires to floods and an unrelenting pandemic to boot, the producers of You Are Here wanted to look to the future with an optimistic lens.

This years’ visual identity is an expression of Life after hardship—focussing on the regeneration and renewal that almost always follows.

Scope of works

Brand development
creative direction, mood and concepts.

Brand rollout
Including logo, promotional assets, signage, website.

Website design and development
Including a custom-built events calendar.

YAH 2020 logo
YAH 2020 su brand logo
YAH 2020 signage
YAH 2020 website mockups
YAH 2020 mobile mockups
YAH 2020 website homepage
YAH 2020 website events page
YAH 2020 website filters
YAH 2020 website mobile mockups
YAH 2020 promotional assets