New Best Friend

Three Mills Bakery

Three Mills Bakery

Three Mills Bakery produce incredible sourdough and laminated pastries for greater Canberra. With a stellar launch to home delivery in response to COVID-19, the bakery was ready to revamp their online presence for staff and customers alike.

Scope of works

Website design and development
Custom built ecommerce WordPress website.

The brief

In short, we were tasked to create a more personalised and customisable eCommerce site, redesigned from the ground up.

The challenge

TMB invested in big and expensive out-of-the-box services like Shopify and Optimoroute. Great in their own right, but clumsy to customise or integrate together for TMB’s production needs — providing a less than seamless fit for the team.

The bakery’s existing shopify site involved a huge degree of human effort to maintain. Data was being exported and imported all over the place. The team kept third-party software in sync with labour-intensive spreadsheet manipulation. Confused? So were we! The existing system was meticulous and convoluted at best, but it worked for the short term.

There were many groups that the system needed to service. We needed to design a system that was seamless and intuitive for both retail customers and the many business divisions and staff of TMB, to name a few.

This first phase (an eCommerce site for home delivery) needed to consider the larger phases to come that allowed for wholesale ordering and management as well.

Our solution

New Best Friend built a custom eCommerce website that automated and streamlined many manual processes. We reduced the amount of manual importing and exporting of data from one system to the next. As a result, Three Mills Bakery can now refocus their efforts towards customer delight and support.

No more double and triple handling of content across the site! All content has a single source of truth and dynamically populates the right pages and sections at the right time. E.g. product details, cooking instructions and baking lists are all populated from the same content sources. How efficient is that!

We restructured the way products are organised within the shop. An intuitive filtering system allows customers to quickly find what they are looking for. Single products now can have a one to many relationship (e.g product variations and bundled products). All inventory is stored in a single space and it’s oh so much simpler to manage.

We developed a fast and reliable ‘bakery list’ feature. The team can easily see the baking requirements for each day in real-time.

A useful stockists directory powered by google maps. Users can filter and find local stockists nearby with ease.

The new shop has a powerful frontend cart and checkout process resulting in minimal server calls and improved data security. The solution also reduced initial payload and improved the page speed performance. This approach achieved a much faster site overall.